My camera collects cash and spirit points. 

I stumbled upon Miku’s doll!

I also figured out: 

  • Misaki went back to the island in 1980.
  • The exact date and year that Miku was taken in by Yuu is unknown, but it is presumed that it happened sometime in 1986.
  • Misaki and Yuu are both descendants of Kunihiko Asou, but their relation to each other is unknown.
  • If it’s in fact her doll, it makes sense that its hair grows because it’s from a place where spirits continued to roam. A spirit could have possessed it. 
  • In III, the doll’s face looks fuller. A lot of physical changes can occur within the span of six years…

I feel like I found an easter egg, but I’m probably wrong. 

To the person who wanted me to say hello to Kageri for them, I tried, but she was quite camera shy. Instead, I went and risked my life for you to sneak up on Watashi.

At first that face made me feel very uncomfortable, now I can’t stop laughing at it. 

I can’t turn my back for a couple minutes without something happening. 

While you were all getting your much needed beauty sleep at 2AM this morning,  I managed to accomplish this.